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Mishimoto Alu Rad + AC stuff CHEAPPPPPP

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1Mishimoto Alu Rad + AC stuff   CHEAPPPPPP Empty Mishimoto Alu Rad + AC stuff CHEAPPPPPP on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:47 pm

a day old mishimoto aluminium radiator that came leaking from the box. Its a very slight leak right below the filler neck. i drove a bit over 200 miles with it from upstate after i installed it and it only leaked about 6-7 oz in about 4 hours of driving. The temps actually decreased a good 10-15* even with the slight leaking. A 16psi mishimoto cap included along with all original packaging n instructions. This is a ~$250 rad !!!
*a local radiator shop quoted me $30 for the repair or if you know how to weld/sodder its a very simple fix (clearly i dont know how to)
asking $90 obo *please no low balling (the sooner its gone the better of a deal we can arrange)

AC compressor with clutch and all the related bolts including the rear one for the lines - oiled up as well so its ready to go - $40 obo

AC Condenser - minor blemishes but nothing major - very few bent fins $20 obo

NO PMs please! call 646 479 4002 or
** i dont have access to a comp at all times (it takes me a day or two to check it sometimes)

stock 5.0 upper n lower intakes -- anythin n they r yours

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